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We Are on a Mission in Clarkston, Georgia

Grace Alliance Church has partnered with Envision Atlanta.  We are committed to praying, to support financially, and provide workers for their missionary work.   Envision Atlanta is a response to the migration of peoples to Atlanta from all around the world.  There are over 700 people groups represented in the Metro Atlanta area.  Many are from groups that have never heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  And still, more are from countries where our C&MA missionaries cannot go.  Their ministry site is in Clarkston, GA, on the East side of Atlanta.  Hundreds of refugees from all over the world are placed in Clarkston each year.  It is commonplace to see people walking down the street in traditional clothing to their native countries, and ethnic food is easy to find.  English is rarely the first language spoken by most of the residents of Clarkston.  There are many religions represented here; you will find a Buddhist Temple, a Hindu Temple, and a Mosque all on the same street.  This is why we must advance the Kingdom of Heaven in Clarkston. You can learn more on their website, https://www.envisionatlanta.org.